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Our Process


We will work with you to eliminate disorganization and create streamlined, efficient solutions that help move you from where you are today to the financial future you envision


Step 1: Establish & Define the Client-Advisor Relationship

   ° Discovery of your goals, priorities & accomplishments


Step 2: In Depth Inventory of Current Financial Position

   ° Income                              ° Tax Documents                         

   ° Insurance                            ° Estate Planning Documents

   ° Investments                        ° Group Benefits

   ° Retirement Plans                ° Social Security Benefits


Step 3: Analysis & Evaluation of Financial Status

               ° Gap analysis – Goal vs. Actual


Step 4: Idea Sharing & Review of Recommendations

   ° Thorough discussion of solutions and alternatives 


Step 5: Implementation of Recommendations

   ° To reach your goals and objectives


Step 6: Ongoing Client Reviews & Monitoring

               ° Determine frequency and schedule